RAS Founders

Roots & Culture

RAS Tours Belize was established in 1999 by two cousins Randy And Sal (RAS).  With their unsurpassed knowledge & love for their Belizean Roots & Culture, combined with a genuine passion for adventure, they set out to create the best adventure-oriented tour company in Central America.
“We cater to clients who want to go off the beaten path; explore pristine jungles, untouched cave systems, and walk the path of the ancient Mayan Kings.”
Randy R Jones

Our mission

RAS Tours Belize offers some of the greatest tour packages for every experience level.
From a leisurely walk through the rain forest while learning of all the beauty our country has to offer.. to breathtaking adventures that even the most experienced travelers will swoon over.
We have over 15 years of experience in the Travel & Tour Industry.
Our specialty is in customizing itineraries for our clients. 
You betta Belize we work hard to ensure the environment is protected during our tours.
Our guests can have peace of mind knowing that RAS Tours Belize proudly contributes to
Belize’s environmental sustainability.
So, strap on that backpack, grab your swimsuit and schedule your once in a lifetime experience with RAS Tours Belize