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Lamanai Belize Tours

Q87X+M4J Water Bank, Belize

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Lamanai Maya Site and New River Tour:

During the 16th century when the Spaniards first arrived in Belize, to everyone’s amazement stumbled upon the Maya, still living in the ancient city of Lamanai (“Submerged Crocodile”), This incredible archeological find allowed the transfer of an amazing wealth of knowledge and a preserved glimpse into the past of a mystical world.  We learned this particular site dates back to pre-classic times – making this one of the oldest occupied kingdoms of the Maya to date.

Nestled comfortably on the beautiful flowing banks of the New River Lagoon, this area is called home by more than just the Maya!  Keep your eyes peeled and your cameras on the ready for the current indigenous residence of this majestic land; the Howler and Spider Monkeys, Iguanas, Crocodile, and Belize’s list of world class exotic bird species, that keeps our skies busier than any man-made international airport… and way more beautiful…😊

Since this site is accessible by riverboat along the bountiful New River, we figured… why not do that? A tour in itself… this heart-racing riverboat cruise will take you from sliding around corners like your favorite James Bond scene to creeping the boat to a gentle stop interacting with the undisturbed wonders of Belize, the wildlife, the river, the lagoon, the Maya Culture, and the memorizing Rain forest adventure of your life.

Your authentic Belizean Style lunch will be served at the site itself much like the ancient Maya themselves, under thatch cabanas right by the lagoon’s edge.  While you think back to the marvel of incomprehensible architecture, this ancient civilization’s accomplishments as you walked along jungle paths under the canopy of the rain forest. Remembering the distinctive stone face of the Mayan deity who looks quietly to the West on one temple while casting stone eyes on the newly setting sun each day. Serving as a constant reminder to this cosmological religion and significance of this ancient civilization.  Which also played a major role in the creation of both the short (260 days) and the long count (365 days) calendars more than a couple thousand years ago, along with the assistance of sacred shaman priest and scientists living and working in the rain forests of Meso America. I wouldn’t daydream too long though… don’t forget to get seconds on that lunch… we won’t.  There is also some handcrafted indigenous shopping available at the site, including t-shirts and souvenirs with modern restrooms.

With a full belly and soul and after relaxing under the thatch huts by the lagoon, we will board your riverboats for the comfortable, peaceful water journey back to your launch, and then on to Belize City.


Belize City to River boarding site:       1 hour

River, site tour and lunch:                    4 hours

Return to River boarding site:              1 hour

Return to Belize City:                           1 hour

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  • Personal Tour Guide
  • Air-Conditioned Transport
  • Walk the Path of the Ancient Maya Kings!



  • Pick up and drop off at Water taxi or Hotel
  • Expert Personal Guide
  • Complementary Lunch and light Refreshments
  • All National Park Entrance Fees
  • Air-Conditioned Transport
  • Gratuity
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Souvenirs

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Q87X+M4J Water Bank, Belize
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